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HR Library

Concord HR Solutions has a variety of HR related resources such as policies, staff handbook, Recruitment manual etc.  We have broadly given the list of resources available for you to be purchased:


HR Forms & Policies

  • Application Form
  • Appraisal Form
  • Training Form
  • Leave Policy
  • Mediclaim Policy
  • LTA Policy
  • Car Policy
  • Any other policy as required.


Human Resources Manual

  • Organization Structure
  • HR processes
  • HR policies
  • HR Reports


IT Industry

  • Software Dictionary
  • IT/Software Terminologies/Spreadsheet
  • Recruitment Outsourcing/contractual staffing manual
  • Approach or Business document for start up of business



  • List of documents required to start a company
  • List of activities to be carried out while running the company
  • Business Plan
  • Dos’s and Dons’
  • Financial health/stability for long term sustainability of business
  • Any other information as required


Apart from the above, ask for any HR Related Information/document


You may place your order and request for the information on the cost and delivery of any of the above by contact us as per the details given below

Concord HR Solutions


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