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HR- Recruitment Training Program

We are offering a Certified Complete HR- Recruitment Training Program for people who are looking to make a career in the field of Recruitment.
Required Qualification: Any Graduate - Any Specialization
Registration Fee: Rs.375/-
Duration: 10 days  ( 2 hour per day)
Course Fee: Rs.3000/-

The Executive Secretary - Excellence Programme

This programme aims to provide participants with detailed information on how to prepare for and handle their duties successfully and a toolkit of skills and techniques for managing the demands of their role, including time management. It also aims to build confidence of participants and encourage a practical approach to their job.

Learning Objectives

This programme is for you if you wish to:

Better understand your organization and the business environment in which it operates

  • Recognize your professional role as part of the team and develop strategies for enhancing your service provision
  • Identify and develop the skills, knowledge and attitude of a top of the range executive secretary
  • Create meaningful relationships with your colleagues at all levels
  • Develop strategies for planning and organizing work, including effective techniques for creating letters memo s and emails that influence others
  • Adopt a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving and utilize the internet to enrich your decisions
  • Assess their own interpersonal skills in order to communicate more effectively at all levels, both face to face and on the telephone
  • Prepare an action plan to implement on return to work

Method & Approach

A fast paced energetic workshop that utilizes group work and coaching to best effect

Enterprenurship – Things that make a Good Business Plan and Sustainability

Starting Up

Things that make Good Business Plan

  1. Vision Statement: What problem are you solvoing? Who are you solving it for? What’s your big vision?
  2. Who arethe 3-4 key people in the foundation team? Their past successes and domain expertise
  3. How large is the market you are addressing? How fast is growing? How large a market share can your product hope to capture?
  4. What is the product or service that you are offering? How does it solve the problem? What’s unique about it? Describe the tehnology in brief.
  5. Competitive landscape: Who are the current or future players in this market? How are you different (IP,Customer segment”? What are the barriers to entry?
  6. What is your business model? Who all will be affected by your solution and what benefits do they derive? Can you quantify the benefits? How much can you charge for the product/services?
  7. What is the current stage of the product/service and what is the roadmap?
  8. Go-To-Market Strategy: What channels do you plan to use? What partnership will you need to establish? What if you are not able to get these partnerships?
  9. Financial projections: Yearly financial projections up to 4-5 years out whichshould be optimistic but realistic.  It should be a large enough opportunity to interest the investors.
  10. And finally, how much money are you looking to raise? How long will it last? What will bit be used for? How much do you expect to raise in the future


For nominations and more details please contact:

Concord HR Solutions,
Pune , INDIA.

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